What’s that you say?

wp-1448526945733.pngWhat? Huh? “Ostimeaner’s Ostimeaner’s!!?”

Sandi, my sister exclaimed over the telephone. “What are they… these Ostimeaner’s? And what do they want to see our mother for?!!” I replied “No, not Ostimeaner’s…Ostomy Nurse!” “Oh!”  (Sandi replied) “I thought you were saying Ostimeaner’s, like some alien from another planet coming to get our mother.” I laughed, she laughed…I couldn’t even begin to imagine what she thought these “Ostimeaner’s” looked like, but it struck me so funny we both couldn’t stop laughing.

It’s funny… what you say over the telephone, and what people think you said.

Another example, this is one I “borrowed” from my sister Sandi off her blog (with her permission):

email from my seestor 
(By Sandi)

My mother – much like me -(the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree right?) is experiencing some slight hearing issues right now… And while I feel that I often “hear” something that was actually more interesting than what was really said and I then find it amusing when I realize that I have once again misheard and reinterpreted something – My mother, on the other hand, is experiencing some justifiable frustration with this “problem” especially when she talks to my sister over the phone… (see email below from sis)

“…Hola seestor! I was reading your blog [ostameaners post] and it reminded me of a phone conversation I had with our mom a few days ago. She called me up to ask me what I was watching on TV. I said “Wifeswap”.  She said “I slop?” and for some reason I got the giggles, I said “No, Wife Swap”. She said “I sleep?” (I was trying very hard not to laugh, but I couldn’t help it.)
I said “NO!…WIFE SWAP!” (She started to sound frustrated) Then she said “WHAT? I SLEEP?” OK.. By now I can’t stop laughing… (I was actually lying in bed and had to get up to catch my breath and do the dance of many pigs, because I thought I was going to pee on myself from laughing so hard.)
I could hear her mumbling on the phone “I don’t know what you’re saying” (which was making me laugh even more.) Finally I was able to compose myself to spell it out to her and she finally said “OH…WIFE SWAP!”.

MAN! Today she called me and asked me “what are you watching?” I said “Pimp my ride” She said “I’m not even going there…”

(Thought you could use a laugh…. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!  Shirl…”)
(end from Sandi’s blog)

I think it’s also funny when someone takes a phone message for you when your not there, then they repeat the message to you.

For instance, while I was out, a boyfriend of mine once took a call for me from an elderly woman. When I came home, he told me so and so called and she said what ever it was that she asked him to tell me,
but instead of continuing to speak in his normal voice, he repeated to me what she said using a high pitched more femanen sounding voice, as if he were trying to mimick her. For some reason, it struck me funny. I had never really realized before that we all do that. And to hear this big burly man change his voice to try and sound like a little elderly lady, just to tell me what she said made me just start to giggle and then I couldn’t stop laughing. He looked at me confused, as I regained my composure or tried my best to, and finally I said (while still giggling), “if I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was standing in the room telling me that herself, what a great impersonation!” He looked at me and realizing that he had changed his voice to tell me, also began to laugh. Then said he never really thought about that before…you know…changing your voice when repeating to someone what somebody else has said to you. I told him to listen and see how many people really do that. I became more aware of it after that and it seemed everyone did it.

Everytime, I heard someone do it after that day, I’d giggle & of course begin to laugh. They would off course, do what he did and wonder what I was laughing at, when I’d explain, they would say the same thing about not realizing it. It must a subconsious thing we do to distinguish between what we are saying and what they’ve been asked to repeat (or not), but I find it funny, ha ha ha ha…just thinking about it is funny.

Those times when I realize what I thought I heard wasn’t what was actually said and I do a little chuckle, snort, laugh then have to explain to whoever was talking to me why I’m laughing, well I just think that’s pretty funny especially when I get a kinda “Shirley… You’re a nut” look and of course I laugh even more and that becomes contagious… So to me… ANY excuse to laugh is a good one! 😀


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