wp-1448523965081.pngIt all started after being diagnosed with cancer. Due to all the poisons that needed to be used to save me and the pain and many pills that go along with it.

At first I had to force myself to take it. Then it got easier. Now I can’t go anywhere without some. I NEED it! I CRAVE it! My mouth gets so dry when I don’t have any. My body BEGS me for it.

I’m embarrassed having to buy it. I shouldn’t have to buy it, but if I forget my supply I NEED to stop and get some. Thank goodness it’s readily available at so many places.

And I’m actually surprised how much I go through in one day. But If I’m out too long, I need to excuse myself from my friends and find the nearest restroom. Hoping the restroom is at least clean.

And as much as I personally need it, it’s a bit embarrassing when a friend drops by and that’s the only refreshment in my house I have to offer them.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m an addict. I’m addicted to water. Yep…you read that right…WATER! I have a giant white & blue 32oz jug I carry with me where ever I go.

My addiction started during chemotherapy. The forms of chemo used in attacking my type of cancer, break the tumors down and then if I’m not constantly flushing out my system by drinking lots of water, the tumors can get stuck in my kidneys. Yea… people joke about seeing me with my huge jug of water and then are stunned when I tell them I can drink about 3 a day.

If I’m out, socializing with friends and we are at a bar, I get a tall glass of ice water with a twist of lemon. And if I happen to bump into other old friends who are not aware of my new beverage preference, I’ve been known to quickly gulp down the contents of the glass, and slam it down hard on the bar saying, “Damn…that went down just like water!” …Eventually letting them know that’s all it really is. 🙂

Ha ha ha ha! Just WATER yep… and I can’t get enough!


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