A “Piece” Of Quiet

A Piece of QuietThe news, social media, all the conversations in elevators not to mention everyone talking about who’s right or wrong at work! “ARHHG!” She screamed to herself. The chatter was everywhere and she was so sick of hearing about it! She just wanted to get away from it all… to shut it all out! “Escape! Yes! Yes!” She thought. “I’ll go to the cabin… it’s in a secluded place, no electricity… off the grid… I can get some peace and quiet there. Yes! That’s what I’ll do!” When she got home, she packed her overnight bag remembering to grab a book she was reading “WATCHERS” by one of her favorite authors: Dean Koontz.
The 2 hour ride to the cabin was actually relaxing. All the scattered noises of the current affairs in the news that had been jamming her brain were beginning to disappear. She pictured herself sipping on a cup of hot chamomile tea and opening the book, picking up where she left off.
She arrived at the cabin just before nightfall. The cabin was just as she remembered it. It had been in her family for years. It had always been such a beautiful, peaceful place as it was set deep in the woods, away from civilization. She got out of her car stretched and took a deep breath in. The fresh mountain air filled her lungs. As she exhaled she let out a sight of relief, “Ahhh! That’s just what I needed” She said out loud. She unlocked the door and went inside. Oh how she loved this place! The old stone fireplace was calling to her as it seemed to insist on starting a warm fire. She gathered some firewood that was piled neatly against it and stacked a few logs into the hearth. She lit the kindling and went into the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea. She unpacked her bag and picked up her book. She then sat in her old comfy leather recliner, kicked off her shoes and grabbed a warm blanket to wrap around her. The fire was starting to crackle. She took a nice sip of her tea and began to read. She began to finally feel content.
As she sat reading her book, she heard a yowling sound in the distance. It startled her for a moment, but then it stopped. She thought to herself “you’re in the woods… of course there will be animal sounds”. “AWROOOOOL!” She heard the sound again, only now it sounded closer. “Huh” She thought and stopped reading. “RAWROOOL! RAWROOL!” It was growing louder. It sounded like it was right behind the cabin.

She put her book down on the end table and got up. She thought, “maybe it’s really not that close, because sounds tend carry in the wilderness”. “AHRWROOOL!” She was sure this time it was definitely closer! Now curious, she walked towards the back window of the cabin and pulled back the curtain to have a look. The howling sound suddenly stopped. Night had come and it was dark outside. If not for the full moon and the snow, she wouldn’t have been able to see at all. Her eyes strained as she tried to look through the window, but because of the glare on the glass she could only vaguely make out the shapes of trees and bushes. She opened the window, leaving only the screen between her and the wilderness outside. She thought she saw a dark blurry figure move, but she still couldn’t really see clearly into the woods. She couldn’t be sure. There were a pair of binoculars hung on a hook next to the window for nature watching. She picked them up and put them to her eyes to see if she might be able to see what was out there. As she scanned the area with her binoculars when she realized what she thought was a figure moving was only just a bush. She laughed to herself as she told herself she was letting her imagination get to her, (after all, she was reading a Koontz novel alone in the middle of the woods). She scanned the woods again, now more calmly then before when all of a sudden she saw a pair of huge yellow eyes looking right back into her binoculars from the other side of the window! She let out a loud scream and jumped back, doing so, she lost her balance and felt herself crashing to the floor behind her. As she fell, she heard the sound of a claw shredding the screen off the window… And to her horror, she saw a giant yellow eyed creature leaping in heading right towards her…  So much for a quite get away in the woods.


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