Alice: “Wonderland?!!” “What a Trip!!”

The conductor checked his pocket watch, he couldn’t wait any longer. “All aboard!” He shouted. He saw Alice running. “Hurry Alice! You’re going to be late!” She got to the train just as it was about to pull away. Climbing aboard, catching her breath, she managed to say “Thank you ever so much Mr. O’Hare” He furrowed his brow as he scorned her while pointing to his watch as he said “Really Alice, you must learn to manage your time better!” Alice lowered her head and said apologetically “Yes, you’re right Mr. O’Hare”.  Mr O’Hare then said “Well, you better find a seat and catch your breath”.

As Alice began to walk down the isle, she spotted an empty window seat next to a man who was wearing a rather unusual hat with a big orange tiger cat on his lap. Alice approached the man and said “Pardon me sir, but is that seat taken?” He said “No my dear, be my guest” as he patted the seat and motioned for her to come and sit. She let out a sigh of relief as she sat down. She looked towards the cat and smiled as she said to the man “what a beautiful cat!” He said “Why thank you my dear!” And the cat let out a soft “meow” as to say thank you as well. “What’s your cats name?” Alice asked. “Cheshire” the man replied. He asked her “And what might your name be?” “Alice” she replied. “Well, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance Alice, You may call me Hatter” Alice smiled and said “I’m pleased to meet you too Mr. Hatter” She settled into her seat for the journey.

“Clickity clack Clickity clack” the repetitive sound of the trains wheels were soothing as she sat in her seat trying ever so hard to not fall asleep. She gazed through the window to try and stay awake, but as the train began to pass through the tunnel all she saw was darkness and her own reflection looking back at her through the glass.  She felt her eyes closing as she heard the soothing “Clickity clack Clickity  clack Clickity…”

“Tickets!” “Tickets please!” “Next stop Wonderland!!” Alice woke with a start and thought “Wonderland?” “I must’ve misheard him” She reached into her blue coat and got her ticket ready. As Mr. O’Hare approached her, she turned to hand over her ticket and noticed his hand. It was all white and furry. She looked up and he was dressed as a white rabbit. “What are you wearing Mr. O’Hare” He said “Well my uniform, silly girl!” She said “No… (giggling) why are you dressed as a rabbit?” Mr. O’Hare said “Why Alice, what sort of question is that? I am a rabbit” Alice laughed… and said “Okay… Um yeah… You’re a rabbit… Giggling again… alrighty then, Great costume! Are you going to a party?” Mr. O’Hare laughed and said “You’re being quite silly today Alice” The man with the hat asked Mr. O’Hare if he could bother him for a cup of tea. “No bother Mr. Hatter, I’ll fetch you a cup in just a moment” Just then the cat Cheshire turned and looked up towards Mr. O’Hare and said “I’d also like a cup of tea please, extra cream and hold the tea!” Alice was startled and gasped as she looked at the cat who had just spoke and now was smiling back at her with a huge grin on his face as he then said to Mr. O’Hare “Maybe Alice here could use a cup of tea as well… You look a bit flushed my dear”


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