Shirley I Just What???


When I was young, I was working in an office as a administrative assistant. It was my first “real” job after college. The office manager was going around the office and introducing me to all the other staff members. The president and CEO walked up to us and as she was introducing me to him, she said “This is Shirley”. He replied “SURELY YOU JEST!” And everyone started laughing, (Having never seen the movie Airplane with Leslie Nielson, I had NO CLUE as to what the hell they were laughing at! But I figured I must’ve done something funny, so I went along with the laughter pretending to know why they were all laughing… )

And then it happened again… He (the CEO) was walking by me with the VP and said “Have you met Shirley?” He (The VP) said “Surely you JEST!” And they both started laughing! (Again… I began fake laughing along with them thinking to myself “SHIRLEY  I JUST WHAT??!” “What the HECK was so damn funny??!”) This became a common thing… Every time He (The CEO) was there and I would have to introduce myself or someone introduced me he’d say “Surely you JEST!” (And I’d always play along, fake laugh, wondering what was the dang funny thing did I do now? Because, if you actually knew me… I do actually do a lot of silly crazy stuff and can actually be pretty funny… But wish I had (at the time, knew why everyone was laughing!)

Okay… Skip to a few years later, and I was actually watching the movie Airplane with a bunch of friends… Only then, when I heard him (Leslie) say the line “I am serious, And don’t call me Shirley!” Did I get the joke… OMG!!! It was like my brain exploded! I started laughing my ass off, I was laughing so hard I began laugh snorting! And I have a crazy laugh… Everyone was like… “Errrr ummm It’s not really that funny Shirl!” Then of course I had to explain the whole “office thing”… Soooo ummm yeah… THAT HAPPENED! HA HA HA HA HA!!!
“Now I get it!” 😜😆

(Oh… and for those of you who don’t get it… this is a link to a clip of Leslie Nielson saying the line:


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