The “Tail” Of The Giant Sea Creature


INTRO:  Timmy, (A little boy), is heard playing in the bathtub with his toy pirates before bedtime. 

(Timmy in Captain’s Voice)  Argh!” “I told you scallywags to swab the deck!”                 “Am I talking to myself!?”  “Argh!” “Now I gotta make an example of one of ya!”       “Argh!” “Shiver me timbers!” “You there!” “One eyed Jim!” “Go walk the plank!”

(Timmy in One Eyed Jim Voice)  “No!” “Please Captain Sir!” “Please don’t make me walk the plank!”

 (Timmy in Captain’s Voice) “I said WALK THE PLANK!” “ARGH!!!”

(Timmy in One Eyed Jim Voice) (Screaming) “AHHHHHH!”(Timmy drops One Eyed Jim into the water)  (SPLASH!)

(Timmy in Captain’s Voice)  “HA! That’ll teach ya!”  “Now! The rest of you scallywags finish swabbing the deck or you’ll be next!”

(Timmy Voicing the Crew)  “Aye Captain!”

(Timmy in Captain’s Voice)  “You there!” “Up in the crows nest!” “Any sign of land yet?”

(Timmy in Crew Voice) “No Captain!” “But I think there’s a giant sea creature about to capsize the ship!”


(Female voice outside the bathroom) “TIMMY! Is Rex in there with you?” (Rex is a big golden retriever) 

(More splashing sounds)

TIMMY: “No mom! But a giant sea creature just came in and capsized my ship!”

(MOM PEAKS INTO THE BATHROOM) She sees Rex and Timmy in the bathtub with his now upside down toy pirate ship and toy pirates all floating in the sudsy water.  She says “C’mon honey… ” She then clears her throat and in a pirate’s voice says “I mean Captain Timmy!” “Okay, It’s time to get outta the bath now, you’re starting to shrivel up like a prune!”

TIMMY: “Awww Mom!”

MOM: “Don’t Awww mom me… It’s Brigadier General Mom to you!” (She switches back to her pirate voice) “Now c’mon over here, let me dry you off!”
Timmy climbs out of the tub into a the big soft towel his mom has stretched out for him. She wraps the big thick towel around him and gives him a big warm hug as she’s drying him off and says “C’mon Rex!” (She clears her throat again and changes to her pirate voice)  “I mean… C’mon ya giant sea creature… You too!” (Rex hops out of the tub and does that wet dog fur shake.)  They both get sprayed with water.  Timmy giggles.  Timmy’s mom laughs and says “Some vicious sea creature you’d make Rex!” Rex goes over to Timmy and starts licking his face. Timmy giggles more… Timmy’s mom shakes her head with a smile, and says “I don’t know about you two”.  Timmy’s mom then says “Okay… Now let’s get those jammies on, it’s way past  a growing pirate’s bed time!”

(In Timmy’s room) Timmy’s mom tucks him into bed.  Rex jumps up on the bed with Timmy and snuggles up next to him.  His mom pats Rex on the head and gives Timmy a kiss on the cheek, and says “Sweet dreams my little pirate.”   As she walks towards his bedroom door, she turns off his light.  She then stops and turns around before going out the door. She looks at him all snuggled up with Rex.  She stands there in the doorway for just a moment longer and sighs with a happy tear and smile on her face,  just taking in the memory. 💕


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