Bio: Playing the hand that you were dealt isn't always easy... nobody ever said life would be easy either but it IS definitely worth fighting for. There is only one guarantee in life and that is that one day it will end. So while you're here... LIVE! Stop and smell the flowers... litteraly! Laugh and sing... who cares if you're in public and you sing off key. Yes, bad things DO happen... but good things happen too! A LOT of good things! So please don't sweat the small stuff... Life is just too damn short. "Yesterday is a memory... (Treasure the precious ones and use the scars from the bad ones to keep fighting.) Tomorrow is a mystery... (Life would be boring if we always knew the ending of the movie.) And as for Today? Well you see, that's an easy one... Today is a gift! (That's why it's called The Present.") ❤️

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