The Chase

All of a sudden he was running really fast! Something inside him was drawing him to it! As he ran, he felt the muddy cold earth squish between his toes. He was aware of the wetness from the dewy grass on his feet, but none of that mattered. He just HAD to keep running after it! As he breathed, he took in all the smells of the crisp fresh air. He could hear the Jays (a warning bird) sounding their alarming chirps all around him. As all the scents of the grassy field around him filled his nose, sharpening his senses, he caught the scent of the creature’s wet fur. It was a rabbit and he now knew for sure he was heading in the right direction. Then he saw it! It was jumping and running frantically just up ahead! He could see its back feet and its bouncing tail. The furry creature he was chasing was running wildly as it zig zagged between the weeds ahead of him. He felt his nails dig into the ground helping to propel him faster and faster! His adrenaline surged through his body. He felt so alive! So excited! He was very agile, keeping pace and gaining speed as he kept up with the rabbit. He was just out of reach, but he just knew he could catch it!
He was nearing the rabbit when he heard in the distance “Romeo!” But he kept running. He knew the creature was just up ahead, if he could just… “Romeo!” He heard the now louder and familiar voice again. He turned to look and thought to himself “where is that voice coming from?”
“ROMEO!” He opened his eyes… He thought “Huh? What? Where am I ?” As his eyes began to focus, he saw her face. He then heard his human say “Hey boy… Are you okay?” He let out a little low throaty rolled r sound and softly said “merrr ow?” She giggled. And said “You looked like you were having a nightmare buddy… You alright?” Giving a disappointing sigh with a displeased expression that only a cat could make, he responded with a “Hmmph… Merrr ow…” He was having such a great adventure only to realize it became an interrupted dream. He stood up and stretched out long and hard, let out a sigh, twitched his tail and walked away giving her another expression that only a cat could make.


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